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A certain renown Local artist is on  crocodile tears after his renown girlfriend he had introduced at home as a wife to marry finally declares herself single and searching. This story started after when the girlfriend whom she had introduced at home found out that she was not only the one and only wife to be to the artists since she had heard of the nursery school of children he had fathered with other women together with community of former wives of the said gospel artist who earlier on denied the fact that he had a sub county of wives before as he only confessed to her that she was the only girl he had in his life. The story worsened when he had abused the lady but later realizing that this lady was a very good wife material, he started tracking her calls something which then angered the girl to report him to the police. The latest news coming indicates thats the local artist was forced to pay sitting allowances to the elders while crying  crocodile tears for abusing and threatening the girls in a recorded phone conversation which yet to retrieved from the source.

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