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Thokerunga Innocent aka LVI born in 26th April, 1990 in West Nile - Uganda is a singer and songwriter signed under ONE LIFE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. With a big fan home base in the West Nile region, LVI has been making hits after hits since 2009.

LVI The Pimar Hit Maker

LVI begun his music journey way back in 2009 with his first and favorite song "Nga ma geni" meaning "who can trust you". This song fall under the My Life Album - an Album that he focused on the history of his Life as he grew up with Love flavors in songs like Pimar.

One of his great Album song "My life" has been a hit song in the whole of Northern Uganda and this has proved him to be the best Artist in West Nile and other regions.

With one of the greatest dubbed to his name and label Pimar been the most trending at the moment in the region, LVI is therefore a star that the region and the world ought to look for as he promises to come stronger again with more hits. 

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