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Imagine having voices of all Artists of a group in one song, especially when the group is made up of talented young people including a lady !!! Yes, that's a blast, powerful and beautiful song. 

Such a song is soon coming out from Buffalo Camp, a music label in Arua City that has existed for many years now with songs that entertain, inform and educate the public, the group has also produced big name musicians in the West Nile region like Endy Joe. 

According to members of this camp, 'Buffalo Camp Anthem' a song to clearly identify the camp and introduce it's members to public will be released this weekend, on Sunday. 

The song recorded at Malcom Records features Vairas, West B (the African Voice), V Click & Empress Gwala, all members of Buffalo Camp. Previously, the camp composed awareness  songs on Coronavirus and 16th Anniversary of Radio Pacis (a giant radio station in Northern Uganda) to benefit communities directly.

Daily West Nile has also learnt that, the group is writing a song on Girl Child Education and Gender Based Violence, a move to continue creating awareness and educate public through music.

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